Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall is here and the holidays are right around the corner. It is time to get creative and make different kinds of jewelry. I already have a few craft shows scheduled for the Fall and looking for more for the holiday months. The sooner you get your schedule filled, the better. Then you can start creating the jewelry you feel will sell the best at those events. EX. School shows you want to make for younger kids and teen and a few for the Moms to make a special outfit POP! Finding the right shows is a tried and failed trip in the past 5 years I have been vending. Some of the shows I paid to vend at were more "Vendor Meet and Great" than selling, but sometimes worth the time. I look at it as getting my bussiness name out there, passing out my bussiness cards and social media and sharing with other vendors. When I am looking for a new show there are a few questions I ask, Is this the 1st year for the show, about how many people may show up, how many vendors in my category (Hand Crafted Jewelry)? I am not too worried if there are a few Home Sale Jewelry (not hand crafted) because I really do not consider them a threat to my sales. There are those that like jewelry from China and there are those that like Hand Crafted, One of a Kind jewelry (That's Me). It is time to get crafting. Hope you like the items you find here, don't forget to see the SOLD page to see other items I created. If you have a special occasion, a special outfit, a special someone and want a special gift for them,let me know. I love creating special orders for you. Email me and we will chat to see what you would like. I may need 30 days notice if I need to order stones, gems or whatever will be need to create that One of a Kind piece,